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About Us

Why Native Plants?

        • Primary source of wildlife food for many animals
        • Wildlife habitat for rearing young and protection
        • Insect herbivores needed in food chain
        • Insects do not recognize non-native plants as food due to lack of evolutionary exposure
        • Lack of biodiversity leads to wildlife decline and greater probability of species specific extinction
        • Full food web allows for predation between all species

Nature knows best. When we live in synchronicity with mother nature rather than working against her we provide a better opportunity for survival and quality of life for all species. When we plant what was intended to be here through hundreds to thousands of years of evolution it will naturally perform better.

 The Houston Difference

Locally Grown 



The difference is in the product. There’s no mass nursery produced product here. Everything is grown small scale with care and great attention to plant and microbial health. Unlike other nurseries who source their exotic and invasive species outside our eco-region, we are proud to state everything is grown right on site from seed.

When we say NATIVE we truly mean it. Some local nurseries have NINO (native in name only) and only a few species at that. ALL of our in-ground plants are native to our eco-region.


What Makes Us Different From Other Nurseries?

We pride ourselves on using eco-friendly growing mediums, practices and reusing materials when possible. 

1. 100% clean renewable energy powered business

2. We purchase used nursery container pots. Rather than going to a landfill, they are reused to prolong their life. We could buy brand new plastic nursery pots in bulk for a fraction of the price. However, we cannot put a price on our mission.

3. Use coco coir (sustainable alternative to peat moss) 4 inch pots for smaller plants that are 100% safe for composting.

4. Seedlings are grown with a natural mycorrhizae solution to promote healthy root development that gives them THE BEST potential for long term survival even in our harshest of weather.

5. Our potting mix is sourced from the local manufacturer within ~5 miles of our business and includes aerated and aged compost, fine mortar sand, and premium composted topsoil that is native to our area (hint, NATIVE so your NATIVE plants will benefit)

6. Unlike other retail nurseries in the area, we grow our own plants and can verify that your pollinators will not be subjected to any harsh chemicals. Everything used is natural and/or certified organic.



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